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Thomas/Alpha and Omega is a parody with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Clips and Alpha and Omega Sounds.

Version 1

  • Thomas as Humphrey (Thomas and Humphrey are both main characters)
  • Emily as Kate
  • Dennis as Tony
  • Derek as Winston
  • Donald/Douglas as Marcel
  • Toby as Paddy/Mooch (Toby and Paddy/Mooch are both older)
  • Mavis as Eve
  • Henry as Garth
  • Percy as Shakey
  • Salty as Salty (They both share the same name)
  • Lady as Lilly
  • Rosie as Sweets
  • Oliver as Hutch

Version 2

  • James as Humphrey
  • Henrietta as Kate
  • Donald/Douglas as Marcel
  • Duck as Paddy
  • Oliver as Garth
  • Lady as Lilly
  • BoCo as Winston
  • Emily as Eve
  • Diesel as Tony
  • Thomas as Shakey
  • Edward as Salty
  • Gordon as Mooch

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