• Gator as Alligator
  • Murdoch as Bear
  • Ben as Cat
  • Bill as Dog
  • Gordon as Elephant
  • Peter Sam as Frog
  • Hector as Gorilla
  • Whiff as Hippopotamus
  • Mac as Iguana
  • Merrick as Jellyfish
  • Neville as Kangaroo
  • Diesel as Lion
  • Thomas as Monkey
  • Nelson as Narwhal
  • Duke as Owl
  • Oliver as Pig
  • Caroline as Quail
  • Duncan as Rabbit
  • Sir Handel as Seal
  • Billy as Toucan
  • Harold as Unicorn
  • Splatter as Vulture
  • Salty as Walrus
  • Duck as Fox
  • Boco as Yak
  • James as Zebra

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