• Percy as Arthur
  • Daisy as DW
  • Lady as Kate
  • Bertie as Pal
  • Molly as Jane
  • Edward as David
  • Thomas as Buster
  • Rosie as Francine
  • Stanley as Brain
  • Emily as Muffy
  • James as Binky
  • Whiff as George
  • Annie/Clarabel as Sue Ellen
  • Henrietta as Prunella
  • Caroline as Fern
  • Henry as Mr. Ratburn
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Mr. Haney
  • Madge as Ms. MacGrady
  • Duck as Ed Crosswire
  • Toby as Grandpa Dave
  • Flora as Grandma Thora
  • Oliver as Oliver Frensky (Both share the same name)
  • Catherine (from RWS) as Catherine (Both share the same name)
  • and more


Season 1

  • Percy's Eyes/Mavis' Bad Funnel Day
  • Percy and the Real Gordon/Percy's Spelling Trubble
  • Daisy All Wet/Thomas' Dino Dilemma
  • Daisy's Imaginary Friend/Percy's Lost Library Book
  • Percy's Pet Business/Daisy the Copycat
  • Locked in the Library/Percy Accused
  • Percy Goes to Camp/Thomas Makes the Grade
  • Percy's New Bus/Percy Bounces Back
  • Percy Babysits/Percy's Cousin Catastrophe
  • Percy's Birthday/Mavis, Superstar
  • Percy's Baby/Daisy's Baby
  • Percy Writes a Story/Percy's Lost Bus
  • So Long, Harold/Thomas' New Friend
  • Percy the Wrecker/Percy and the True Mavis
  • Percy's Family Vacation/Toby's Old Country Farm
  • Percy and the Crunch Cereal Contest/Daisy Flips
  • Meek for a Week/Percy, World's Greatest Gleeper
  • Percy's Chicken Pox/Sick as a Bus
  • Daisy Rides Again/Percy Makes the Team
  • Percy's Almost Boring Day/The Half-Bake Sale
  • Annie/Clarabel Moves In/The Perfect Brother
  • Daisy's Snow Mystery/Team Trouble
  • Bully for James/Misfortune Teller
  • Percy's Tooth/Daisy Gets Lost
  • Daisy Thinks Big/Percy Cleans Up
  • My Dad, The Garbage Engine/Poor Emily!
  • Daisy's Blankie/Percy's Substitute Teacher Trouble
  • I'm A Poet/The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club!
  • My Club Rules/Stolen Bike
  • Percy's First Sleepover/Percy's New Year's Eve

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