Thomas as Paint Ident

Edward as Blade Ident

Percy as Neon Ident

BoCo as Optics Ident

Gordon as Gorilla Shadow Ident

James as Dog Ident

Henry as Powder Ident

Bulgy as Gorilla Tantrum Ident

Bertie the Bus as Car Ident

Mavis as Water Ident

Daisy as Water Reflection Ident

Derek as Diary Ident

Flora as Garden Ident

D261 as Steam Ident

Emily as Swan Ident

Diesel as Zapper Ident

Diesel 10 as Predator Ident

Toby as Duck Ident

Oliver as Paint Pot Ident

Duck as Copper Cut Out Ident

Arthur as Firecracker Ident

Spencer as Dalek Ident

Troublesome Trucks as Woodpecker Ident

The Chinese Dragon as Catalyst Ident

S.C.Ruffy as Excalibur Ident

Harold as Balloon Ident

Captain as Wave Day Ident

Murdoch as Glass Ident

Donald as Aerial Ident

Douglas as Paper Cut Out Ident

Splatter as Black and White Copper Cut Out Ident

Dodge as Shadow Ident

Stanley as Silk Ident

'Arry as Kebab One Ident

Bert as Kebab Two Ident

George as Kebab Three Ident

The Flying Kipper as Wave Night Ident

Salty as Crystal Ball Ident

Old Bailey as Scary Ident

Tiger Moth as Simpsons Night Ident

Bill and Ben as Wallace and Gromit Christmas Ident

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