Thomas/Babylon 5 are parodies with Babylon 5 sounds and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends clips.


Version 1

  • Thomas as John Sheridan
  • Duke as Jeffery Sinclair
  • Mavis as Susan Ivanova
  • James as Michael Garibaldi
  • Emily as Delenn
  • Percy as Stephen Franklin
  • Rosie as Talia Winters
  • Duck as Lennier
  • Isobella as Elizabeth Lochley
  • Stepney as Marcus Cole
  • Henry as Vir Cotto
  • Oliver as Warren Keffer
  • Bertie as Zack Allan
  • Madge as Lyta Alexander
  • Daisy as Na'Toth
  • Murdoch as G'Kar
  • Gordon as Londo Mollari
  • Hiro as Kosh

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