Each cast for each parody are sometimes always the same and aren't always the same, sometimes most are listed like Skarloey as Young Bambi, Percy as Young Thumper, Toby as Young Flower, Rosie as Young Faline, Thomas as Adult Bambi, Henry as Adult Thumper, Edward as Adult Flower, Emily as Adult Faline. Here's a list for one example.


  • Young Bambi - Skarloey/Rheneas/Percy's Friend/Thomas/Stepney/Percy/Himself
  • Young Thumper - Percy/Rheneas/Stepney/Thumper/Bertie/Alfie
  • Young Flower - Toby/Sir Handel/Duncan/James/Rusty/Adam/Whiff/Rusty/Catterpillar/Stepney
  • Young Faline - Rosie/Emily/Peter Sam/Hana/Caroline/Bluebell/Madge/Himself
  • Adult Bambi - Thomas/Henry/James/Stepney/Edward/Gordon/Culdee/Murdoch/Percy's Friend/HImself
  • Adult Thumper - Henry/Edward/James/Percy/Oliver/Duck/Ernest/Salty/Thumper
  • Adult Flower - Edward/Duck/James/Henry/Toby/Catterpillar/Toby/Adams/Boco/Whiff
  • Adult Faline - Emily/Rosie/Lady/Molly/Flora/Bluebell/Hana/Himself
  • Friend Owl - Duck/Buster/Edward/Sir Topham Hatt/Silver Jubilee/Toby/Henry/Casey Jr./HImself
  • Bambi's Mother - Daisy/Emily/Molly/Mavis/Belle/Madge/Duchess/Lady
  • Faline's Mother - Tillie
  • The Prince of The Forest - Gordon/James/Murdoch/Wilbert/Hiro/Himself

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