sEach Cast for A Parody isn't almost just the same. But Mostly Like is Thomas as Barney and Emily as Baby Bop. Heres a List.


  • Barney - Thomas/Henry/Toby/James/Sir Handel/Edward/Peter Sam/Percy/Duck/Gordon/Oliver/Murdoch/BoCo/Bertie/Duke/Skarloey/Duke/Bertram/Trevor/Stepney/Sir Topham Hatt/Ten Cents (from TUGS)/Emily/Rosie/Mavis/Lady (Diesel can't be Barney; Diesel is an antagonist and Barney is an protagonist)
  • Baby Bop - Emily/Rosie/Mavis/Flora/Molly/Lady/Lady Hatt/Elizabeth/Isobella/Caroline/Madge/Lillie Lightship (from TUGS) (Diesel 10 can't be Baby Bop; Diesel 10 is an male and antagonist and Baby Bop is an protagonist and female)
  • BJ - James/Sir Handel/Mallard/The Foreign Engine/Boco/Derek/Gordon/Henry/Duncan/Mighty Mac/Neville/Duck/Thomas/Percy/Spencer/Top Hat (from TUGS) (Just stick with James as BJ in Thomas/Barney! Not BoCo or Anyone else! Just James!)
  • Riff - Edward/Gordon/Percy/Thomas/BoCo/Hank/Billy/Henry/Donald/Douglas/Rusty/Terence/Stepney/Rocky/Murdoch/James/Stepney/Oliver/Sir Handel/Duke/Peter Sam/Hercules (from TUGS)/Big Mac (from TUGS) (Just stick with Edward or Gordon as Riff in Thomas/Barney! Not Percy or Anyone else, Just Edward or Gordon!)
  • Michael - Henry/Thomas/Billy/Bertie/Duck/Skarloey/Oliver/James/Percy/Toby/Edward/Gordon/Sir Handel/Arthur/Stepney/Peter Sam/Warrior (from TUGS)/BoCo (DO NOT EDIT)
  • Shawn - Duck/Skarloey/Percy/Terence/Peter Sam/Oliver/Whiff/Edward/Sir Handel/Rusty/Stepney/Fergus/Stanley/Thomas/Grampus (from TUGS) (DO NOT EDIT) (Just stick with Duck as Shawn in Thomas/Barney! Not Terence or Anyone else! Just Duck!)
  • Scooter McNutty - Billy/Percy/Diesel 10/Bertie/Rheneas/Gordon/Skarloey/Spencer/Thomas/James/Henry (DO NOT EDIT)
  • Robert - Stepney/Stepney/Oliver/Duck/Neville/Peter Sam/Rusty/Edward/Billy/Henry/Thomas/James/Percy
  • Mother Goose - Daisy/Mavis/Rosie/Emily/Heneritta/Isobella/Old Slow Coach/Bluebell the Cow/Annie/Clarabel/Caroline/Elizabeth/Madge/Molly/Duchess of Hamilton/Sally (from Sonic)/Sally (from TUGS)
  • Derek - Harvey/Bertie/Duck/Edward/Henry/Derek/Stepney/James/Whiff/Percy/Duncan/Stanley/Oliver/Little Ditcher (from TUGS)
  • Tina - Molly/Daisy/Charibel/Madge/Rosie/Belle/Emily/Mavis/Sigrid (from TT)
  • Kathy - Rosie/Mavis/Molly/Lady/Claribel/Daisy/Caroline/Emily/Emily (from TT)
  • Carlos - Gordon/Toby/Henry/Edward/Hiro/James/Oliver/BoCo/Murdoch/Duck/Thomas/Scruff/Sir Handel/Rusty/Big Mac (from TUGS)/OJ (from TUGS)
  • Min - Caroline/Flora/Molly/Rosie/Emily/Madge/Lillie Lightship (from TUGS)
  • Tomie DePaoula - Ferdinand/Duke/Boco/Toby/Edward/Murdoch/Hank/Hiro/Gordon/Thomas/Donald/Douglas/Diesel 10
  • Tosha - Lady/Flora/Rosie/Emily/Daisy/Mavis/Madge/Molly
  • Luci- Isobella/Caroline/Daisy/Madge/Emily
  • Kenneth- Toby/Stanley/Edward/Percy/Rusty/Rheneas/OJ (from TUGS)/Ten Cents (from TUGS)/Thomas
  • Stephen - Billy/Peter Sam/Whiff/Duck/Percy/Murdoch/Edward/Toby/Rusty/Donald/Douglas/Thomas
  • Firefighter Frank - BoCo/Gordon/Hank/Henry/Edward/Flynn/Murdoch/Donald/Douglas/Butch/Toby/Duke/Duck/Oliver
  • Danny - Percy/Oliver/Bill/Ben/Duck/Peter Sam/Rheneas/Mavis/Thomas/Diesel/Spencer
  • Juan - Stanley/Stepney/Toby/Hercules (from TUGS)/Edward/Billy/Thomas
  • Barney's Evil Double- Evil Thomas/Diesel/Spencer/D261/Bulgy/George/Diesel 10/Spamcan/Old Stuck Up/Evil Gordon

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