• Edward as Batfink
  • Thomas as Karate
  • Gordon as The Chief
  • Diesel as Hugo A-Go-Go
  • Daisy as Skinny Minnie
  • Toby as Zero
  • Molly as Roz The Schnozz (I Know Molly is Good and Roz The Schnozz is Evil)
  • James as The Great Escapo
  • Mavis as Queenie Bee (I Know Mavis is Good and Queenie Bee is Evil)
  • Lady as Cinderobber (I Know Lady is Good and Cinderobber is Evil)
  • Rosie as Goldyunlocks (I Know Rosie is Good and Goldyunlocks is Evil)
  • Emily as Judy Jitsu (I Know Emily is Good and Judy Jitsu is Evil)

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