Footage of Thomas & Friends is edited to match audio from the original Battlestar Galactica television series from 1978.

AUTHOR'S NOTE - All entries in this parody series are to fall under the umbrella title of Battlestar Sudrias.

THOMAS & FRIENDS is owned by HIT Entertainment and Gullane (Thomas) Ltd.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is owned by Universal Television and Glen A. Larson Productions

Cast of Characters

Edward the Blue Engine as Captain Apollo

James the Red Engine as Lieutenant Starbuck

Gordon the Big Express Engine as Commander Adama

Thomas the Tank Engine as Lieutenant Boomer

Devious Diesel as Count Baltar

Emily the Stirling Single Engine as Lieutenant Athena

Percy the Small Engine as Boxey

Toad the Brake Van as Muffit

Caitlin the Pink Streamlined Engine as Nurse Cassiopeia

Rosie the Lavender Tank Engine as Lieutenant Sheba

Oliver the Western Engine as Flight Sergeant Jolly

Henry the Green Engine as Colonel Tigh

Toby the Tram Engine as Flight Sergeant Omega

Molly the Yellow Engine as Flight Corporal Rigel

Daisy the Diesel Rail Car as Serina

Bill and Ben the Tank Engine Twins as Doctor Wilker

Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twins as Doctor Salik

Diesel 10 as the Imperious Leader

The Diesel/D261/"Bowler" as Lucifer

Troublesome Trucks/Foolish Freight Cars as Cylon Centurions

Arthur the Big Tank Engine as Lieutenant Bojay

Duck the Great Western Engine as Flight Sergeant Greenbean

Billy the Silly Tank Engine as Ensign Giles

Spencer the Private Engine as Commander Cain

Skarloey123's 98462 "Alfred" the Holden B12 as Count Iblis

Bulgy the Double-Decker Bus as Commandant Leiter

Iron Arry/Bert and Splatter/Dodge as Eastern Alliance Enforcers

Lady the Magical Engine and Proteus the Magic Lamp Engine as the Seraphs/"Beings of Light"

Charlie the Fun Engine as Zac

Sir Topham Hatt the Fat Controller as President Adar

Mr. Percival the Thin Controller as Sire Uri

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