The Parodies with Thomas the Tank Engine clips and Bear Behaving Badly audio.


Version 1 (made by ThomasandTenCents)

  • Thomas as Nev (Thomas and Nev are both blue and they're both the main characters) (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • Edward as Barney (Barney's voice suits Edward) (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • Diesel 10 as Mr. Prank (Mr. Prank's voice suits Diesel 10) (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • Daisy as Auntie Barbra (Aunt Barbra's voice suits Daisy) (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • Percy as Crazy Keith (Percy and Crazy Keith are both best mates of Thomas and Nev) (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • Emily as Beatrice (Beatrice and Emily are both beautiful) (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • Diesel as Bouncer Boy (Diesel and Bouncer Boy are both evil and horrid) (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • Mavis as Melanie (Mavis and Melanie are also both beautiful) (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • Mavis as Postie (Postie's voice suits Mavis) (DO NOT EDIT!)

Version 2

  • Percy as Nev
  • Edward as Barney
  • Diesel 10 as Mr. Prank
  • Daisy as Auntie Barbra
  • Thomas as Crazy Keith
  • Emily as Beatrice(both are beautiful)
  • Diesel as Bouncer Boy
  • Mavis as Melaine(both are extremely beautiful)
  • Molly as Postie

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