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Thomas/Beetlejuice is a parody series featuring video clips from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and audio clips from Beetlejuice


  • Thomas as Beetlejuice
  • Emily as Lydia
  • Percy as Percy
  • James as Charles
  • Molly as Delia
  • Daisy as Claire Brewster
  • Spencer as Mayor Maynot
  • Duck as Jacques
  • Mavis as Ginger
  • Arry as Scuzzo the Clown
  • Bert as Fuzzo the Clown
  • Hank as the Monster Across The Street
  • Flora as the Monstress Across the Street
  • Bertie as Doomie/The Dragster of Doom
  • Harold as Bury-Me-Not
  • Rosie as Little Miss Warden
  • Diesel 10 as Mr. Big
  • Murdoch as Armhold Musclehugger
  • Diesel as Germs Pondscum
  • D261 as Jesse Germs
  • Bulgy as Bully the Crud
  • Annie as Bertha
  • Clarabel as Prudence
  • Stanley the Little Monster Across the Corner
  • Elizabeth as Ms. Shannon
  • Gordon as Mr. Juice
  • Lady Hatt as Mrs. Juice
  • Jack as Uncle Clyde
  • Isobella as Aunt May
  • Whiff as Flubbo
  • Toby as Prince Vince
  • Hiro as Ramon

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