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Version 1 (made by Catdog04272)

  • Thomas as Nate (Thomas and Nate are both the main characters)
  • Percy as Teddy (Percy and Teddy are both friends to Thomas and Nate)
  • James as Francis (James and Francis are both vain)
  • Emily as Nate's Mom
  • Edward as Nate's Dad
  • Henry as Coach
  • Rosie as Jenny
  • Daisy as Gina (Daisy and Gina both the same personalities)
  • Mavis as Ellen
  • Billy as Chester
  • Diesel as Randy (Diesel and Randy are both devious and bullies to Thomas and Nate)
  • Caroline as Mrs. Godfrey
  • Gordon as Mr. Galvin
  • Duck as Chad
  • Toby as Mr. Eustis
  • Molly as Marcie
  • Lady as Paige
  • Stepney as Artur
  • Bertie as Spitsy
  • Boco as Principal Nichols
  • Oliver as Will

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