• Thomas as Blinky Bill
  • Emily as Nutsy
  • James as Flap the Platypus
  • Percy as Shifty Dingo
  • Rosie as Marcia Marsupial Mouse
  • Gordon as Splodge the Kangaroo
  • Oliver as Jacko
  • Duck as Ruff
  • Toby as Wombo Wombat
  • Flora as Granny Grunty Koala
  • BoCo as Mayor Pelican
  • Belle as Miss Magpie
  • Hiro as Dr. Spoonbill
  • Ashima as Nurse Angelina
  • Molly as Mrs. Koala
  • Henry as Mr. Koala
  • Etienne as Mrs. Kangaroo
  • Gina as Mr. Kangaroo
  • Marion as Mrs. Marsupial Mouse
  • Philip as Mr. Marsupial Mouse
  • Frieda as Mrs. Platypus
  • Rajiv as Mr. Platypus
  • Old Slow Coach as Ma Dingo
  • Diesel as Danny Dingo
  • Spencer as Meatball Dingo
  • Daisy as Daisy Dingo
  • Victor as Mr. Emu
  • Caroline as Mrs. Spotty
  • Quarry Trucks as Frogs
  • Caitlin as Mrs. Rabbit
  • Connor as Mr. Rabbit
  • Express Coaches as Rabbits
  • Arthur as Mr. Gloop
  • Isobella as Ms. Echidna
  • Peter Sam as Cedric
  • Henrietta as Ms. Pym
  • Winston as Joe
  • Bulgy as Harry
  • Elizabeth as Joan
  • Lady as Clara
  • Arry as Bruno
  • Bert as Hillda
  • Diesel 10 as Sir Claude
  • Norman as Mayor Cranklepot
  • Donald as Richie
  • Douglas as Tony
  • Annie as Beryl
  • Clarabel as Cheryl
  • Whiff as Robert
  • George as Jorge

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