Made By Jen Doll

  • Thomas As Steve
  • Edward As Joe
  • Henry As Blue
  • Gordon As Periwinkle
  • James As Blue Kitten
  • Percy As Jill
  • Toby As Paprka
  • Duck As Cimmon
  • Donald As Orange Kitten
  • Douglas As Green Kitten
  • Oliver As Shovel
  • Bill As Pail
  • Ben As Green Kangroo
  • Annie As Purple Kangroo
  • Clarbel As Snail
  • Kevin As Kevin[They Are The Same]  
  • Furgus As Mailbox 
  • Jack As Grandfauther Clock
  • Peatersam As Steves Grandmother
  • Captan As Mr.Salt
  • Bash As Mrs Pepper
  • Sleeping Beuaty As Duke
  • Miranda As Daisy
  • Tickety Tock As Boco
  • Slipery Soap As Dash
  • Polka Dots As Sirtopamhat
  • Boris As Spencer
  • Wynonna As Rhynes
  • Sprinkles As Fearless Freddy
  • Rorry As Mack
  • Fred As Roise [both pink]
  • The Key As Sir Handle
  • Silly Seat As Dunkun
  • The Cow As Luke
  •  Billy As Snail
  • David As Max
  • Washer As Monty
  • Tractor As Mighty       

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