Version 1 (made by JosephCL93)

  • Emily as Tina
  • Thomas as Gene
  • Gordon as Bob
  • Mavis as Linda
  • Rosie as Louise
  • Henry as Al
  • Molly as Gloria
  • Duncan as Regular Sized-Rudy
  • Oliver as Darryl
  • Toby as Zeke
  • Edward as Phillip Frond
  • Bill and Ben as Andy and Ollie

Version 2 (made by Vinhchaule)

  • Thomas as Bob Belcher
  • Emily as Linda Belcher
  • Rosie as Tina Belcher
  • Percy as Gene Belcher
  • Mavis as Louise Belcher
  • Toby as Al
  • Lady as Gloria
  • Diesel as Regular Sized-Rudy
  • BoCo as Darryl
  • Murdoch as Zeke
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Phillip Frond

Version 3 (made by The James S Youtube Channel) (Don't edit my cast please)

  • Henry as Bob Belcher (both are clumsy and talk funny)
  • Emily as Linda Belcher (both are married to Henry & Bob)
  • Thomas as Gene Belcher (both are cheeky and son Figures of Henry & Bob)
  • Rosie as Louise Belcher (both wear pink and both are tom boys)
  • Caroline as Tina Belcher (both are wearing glasses)
  • Gordon as Mr. Phillip Frond (both are important)
  • James as Mickey (both are vain)
  • Spencer as Jimmy Pesto Sr (both are pompous and selfish)
  • Duncan as Jimmy Pesto Jr (both are stubborn and mean) 
  • Bill and Ben as Andy Pesto and Ollie Pesto (All of them are twins)
  • Duck as Zeke (both have four letters in one name)
  • Toby as Al (both are old)
  • Flora as Gloria (both have the word 'lor' in the middle of their names and they both have the letter 'A' at the end of their names)
  • Boco as Darryl
  • Molly as Mudflap (both named begins with the letter 'M')
  • Murdoch as Critter
  • Den as Randy Watkins
  • Percy as Regluar Sized-Rudy
  • Edward as Teddy (both are wearing blue, wise, and kind)

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