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Thomas/Bob the Builder is a parody with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends footage and Bob the Builder audio.


Version 1 (made by JosephCL93)

  • Thomas as Bob
  • Emily as Wendy
  • Bill/Ben as Spud
  • Jack as Scoop
  • Byron as Muck
  • Isobella as Dizzy
  • Buster as Roley
  • Kelly as Lofty
  • TFC's Cat as Pilchard
  • The Golden Pigeon as Bird
  • Duck as Farmer Pickles
  • Terence as Travis
  • Bertie as Scrambler
  • Smudger as Scruffy
  • Edward as JJ
  • Molly as Molly
  • Ned as Skip
  • Elizabeth as Trix
  • Mavis as Mrs. Broadbent
  • Stanley as Mr. Beasley
  • Boco as Mr. Bentley
  • Stepney as Mr. Dixon
  • Daisy as Mrs. Potts
  • James as Mr. Sabatini
  • Oliver as Mr. Fothergill
  • Rosie as Jenny
  • Old Slow Coach as Dot
  • Henry as Robert
  • Percy as Tom
  • Pip/Emma (from RWS) as Mrs. Sabatini
  • Toby as Mr. Stevens
  • Gordon as Mr. Flicks
  • Annie/Clarabel as Meg
  • Fergus as Piper
  • Lady as Jana Von Strudel
  • Alfie as Benny
  • Oliver (Pack) as Dodger
  • Madge as Sumsy
  • Patrick as Packer
  • Kevin as Flex
  • Nelson as Jackaroo
  • Captain as Splasher
  • Harold as RV
  • Trevor as Zoomer
  • Max as Gripper
  • Monty as Grabber

Version 2 (Made By UbiSoftFan94 aka RayFan94)

  • Thomas as Bob
  • Emily as Wendy
  • Stepney as Scoop
  • Sir Handel as Muck
  • Rosie as Dizzy
  • Stanley as Roley
  • Stephen as Lofty
  • Jack as Farmer Pickles
  • Percy as Travis
  • Oliver as Spud (Both western)
  • Skarloey as Scramber (Both have the letter 'S' at the beginning)

Version 3 (made by EliJBrown)

  • Sir Topham Hatt as Bob
  • Lady Hatt as Wendy
  • Sailor John as Spud
  • Thomas as Scoop
  • Gordon as Muck
  • Percy as Dizzy
  • Henry as Roley
  • James as Lofty
  • Toby as Travis
  • Edward as Skip
  • Duck as Dodger
  • Diesel as Packer
  • Stepney as Scratch
  • Annie as Trix
  • Clarabella as Sumsy
  • Oliver as Scramber
  • Donald and Douglas and Gripper and Grabber
  • Diesel 10 as Calvin the Grapper Truck
  • Lady as Nights the Magical Tractor
  • Splatter as Sleet the Motorcycle
  • Dodge as Dingo the Motorcycle
  • Charlie as Zoomer
  • Emily as Benny (I know, Emily is female)
  • Hank as Flex
  • Murdoch as Scoot
  • Spencer as Jackaroo
  • Hiro as Tumbler
  • Victor as Bristle
  • Kevin as R.Vee
  • Den as Rubble
  • Dart as Splasher
  • Mr. Percival as Farmer Pickles
  • Other Engines as Roary the Racing Car characters
  • Skarloey as Roary
  • Rheneas as Dragga
  • Sir Handel as CiCi
  • Peter Sam as James
  • Rusty as Rusty
  • Duncan as Plugger
  • Duke as FB
  • Harold as Hellie
  • Bertram as Nick
  • Rosie as Zippee
  • Trevor as Breeze
  • Billy as Maxi
  • Terence as Drifter
  • Molly as Loada
  • Freddie as Conrod
  • Vehicles as Dumbo and The Little Engine That Could characters
  • Bertie as Casey Jr.
  • Madge as Tillie
  • Caroline as Georgia
  • Butch as Pete
  • Thumper as Farnsworth
  • Sir Topham Hatt's Car as Jebediah
  • Flynn as Doc
  • Cranky as Tower
  • Stephen Hatt as Stretch
  • Bridget Hatt as Missy
  • Jem Cole as Rollo
  • Bill/Ben as Chip
  • Stanley as Eric

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