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Thomas/Bob Te Builder Video & DVD Ideas is a fan-fiction thing to make

Can We Fix It?

4 Episodes

  • Thomas' Barnraising
  • Mucky Madge
  • One Shot Emily
  • Magnetic Lillie Lightship

Plus 4 Mini-Adventures

  • Square Dance Diesel
  • Gremlin's Bath
  • Isobella Scores A Goal
  • Emily's Watering Can


  • This is the first Thomas/Bob the Builder video ever!

Front Cover

  • Thomas, Emily, Jack and Cat

Back Cover

  • Isobella and Madge from "Mucky Madge"
  • Lillie Lighthouse's magnetic lifting BoCo's pen from "Magicnet Lillie Lighthouse"

To The Rescue!

4 Episodes

  • Clockwater Thomas
  • Jack Saves The Day
  • Madge Gets Stuck
  • Lillie Lightship To The Rescue

Plus 4 Mini-Adventures

  • Madge's Mood
  • Sleepness Lillie Lightship
  • Madge's Shortcut
  • Lillie Lightship The Soccer Star

Front Cover

  • Thomas with Madge and Lillie Lightship on his flatbeds

Back Cover

  • Madge looking scared from "Madge Gets Stuck"
  • Madge and Lillie Lightship from "Jack Saves The Day"

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