• Splatter as SwaySway (Thomas can't be SwaySway because SwaySway is crazy and Thomas is sane.)
  • Dodge as Buhdeuce (Same as above)
  • Daisy as Ketta
  • Lady Hatt as Rambamboo (Emily isn't exactly and authority figure like Rambamboo is)
  • Diesel 10 as The Breadmaker (both are tan)
  • Mavis as Jenny Quackles
  • The Chinese Dragon as Oonski the Great
  • Gordon as Lava Mole

Version 2

  • James as SwaySway (James and SwaySway are both selfish and vain) (I might use Edward as an extra)
  • Percy as Buhduece (Using Thomas as an Extra)
  • Molly as Ketta
  • Sir Topham Hatt as The BreadMaker
  • Gordon as T-Midi

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