1. Percy as Ant
  2. Emily as Butterfly
  3. Toby as Bee
  4. James as Spider
  5. Edward as Caterpiller
  6. Gordon as Grasshopper
  7. Oliver as Moth
  8. Rosie as Wasp
  9. Stepney as Fly
  10. Duck as Cricket
  11. Henry as Beetle
  12. Bill/Ben as Ladybird
  13. Donald/Douglas as Mantis
  14. Diesel as Flea
  15. Daisy as Worm
  16. Mavis as Aphid
  17. Boco as Firefly
  18. Thomas as Centipede
  19. Harvey as Stick Insect
  20. Whiff as Mosquito
  21. Salty as Glow Worm
  22. Murdoch as Dragonfly
  23. Spencer as Millipede
  24. Arthur as Pillbug
  25. Neville as Daddy Longleg
  26. Dennis as Rhino Beetle
  27. Derek as Antlion
  28. Diesel 10 as Tarantula

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