Thomas/Busytown is a parody series featuring video clips from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and audio clips from The Busy World of Richard Scarry, The Best Videos Ever and Busytown Mysteries


  • Thomas as Lowly Worm
  • Edward as Mr. Fixit
  • Henry as Mr. Frumble
  • Gordon as Bananas Gorilla
  • James as Billy Dog
  • Percy as Huckle Cat
  • Toby as Mr. Cat
  • Duck as Sargeant Murphy
  • Donald as Pig Will
  • Douglas as Pig Won't
  • Oliver as Scout
  • Emily as Hilda
  • Diesel 10 as Alex
  • Daisy as Anne
  • Rosie as Sally
  • Mavis as Mrs. Cat
  • Elizabeth as Madame Dog
  • Bill as Kenny
  • Ben as Lenny
  • Freddie as Freddie
  • Annie as Lily
  • Clarabell as Rhonda
  • Bertie as Jason
  • Stepney as Ole
  • Caroline as Olive
  • Old Slow Coach as Ursula
  • Arthur as Arthur
  • Hector as Gary
  • Splatter as Henry
  • Dodge as Tom
  • Derek as Bruno
  • Proteus as Goldbug
  • Harvey as Scout's Father
  • Flora as PS Pig
  • Hank as Postman Pig
  • Belle as Deputy Flo
  • Skarloey,Peter Sam and Duke as The Beggars
  • Duncan as Mr.Grounkle (Not Alfred, Mr Grounkle is good and Alfred is evil)
  • Billy as Vanderbuilt
  • Molly as Miss Honey
  • Rusty as Mr. Racoon
  • Isobella as Cordelia
  • Diesel as Bully Bobcat
  • Max as Bumbles Leopard
  • Rocky as Rudolf Von Flugel
  • Dennis as Dennis

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