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  • Thomas as Lightning McQueen
  • Harvey as Mater
  • Emily as Sally
  • Gordon as Doc Hudson
  • James as Ramone
  • Molly as Flo
  • Duncan as Sarge
  • Henry as Fillmore
  • Percy as Luigi
  • Toby as Guido
  • Edward as Sheriff
  • Neville as Red
  • Elizabeth as Lizzie
  • Murdoch as Mack
  • Diesel as Chick Hicks
  • Duck as The King
  • Donald/Douglas as Finn McMissile
  • Isabella as Holley Shiftwell
  • Jeremy as Siddeley
  • Oliver as Rod Redline
  • Duke as Tomber
  • Stepney as Uncle Topolino
  • Mavis as Aunt Topolino
  • Lady as The Queen
  • George as Professor Z
  • Arry as Grem
  • Bert as Acer
  • Bulgy as Miles Axlerod
  • Spencer as Francesco Bernoulli

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