Casts for each parody aren't always the same, but mostly like are Thomas as Casey Jr. and Edward as Toots. Here's a list.


  • Casey Jr. - Thomas/James/Donald/Douglas/Percy/Gordon/Henry/Duck/Ten Cents (from TUGS)/Theodore (from Theodore Tugboat)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Mario (from Mario)/Homer (from The Simpsons)/Peter (from Family Guy)/Stan Marsh (from South Park)/Noddy (from Noddy's Toyland Adventures)
  • Toots - Edward/Duck/Gordon/Thomas/James/Percy/Toby/Oliver/Hercules (from TUGS)/Northumberland (from Theodore Tugboat)/Shadow (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Ned (from The Simpsons)/Brian (from Family Guy)/Randy Marsh (from South Park)/Mr. Sparks (from Noddy's Toyland Adventures)
  • Tillie - Emily/Rosie/Mavis/Lady/Molly/Lillie Lightship (from TUGS)/Emily (from Theodore Tugboat)/Sally Acorn (from Sonic)/Amy Rose (from Sonic)/Princess Peach (from Mario)/Marge (from The Simpsons)/Lois (from Family Guy)/Wendy Testaburger (from South Park)/Tessie Bear (from Noddy's Toyland Adventures)
  • and more

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