Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is a Thomas/Casey Jr. And Friends parody cast.


  • Thomas as Casey Jr. (Thomas and Casey Jr are both the main stars and the main heroes)
  • Percy as Toots (Percy and Toots are both small)
  • Emily as Tillie (Emily and Tillie are both beautiful)
  • James as Tootle (James and Tootle are both vain)
  • Gordon as Montana (Gordon and Montana are both proud)
  • Mavis as Emma (Mavis and Emma are both like each other)
  • Oliver as Pufle (Oliver and Pufle are both Western)
  • Duck as Ivor (Duck and Ivor are both Western)
  • Toby as Jebediah (Toby are Jebediah are both wise)
  • Flora as Georgia (Flora and Georgia are both wonderful)
  • Murdoch as Pete (Murdoch and Pete are both strong)
  • Boco as Farnsworth (Boco and Farnsworth are both diesels)
  • Henry as Alfred (Henry and Alfred are both big and strong)
  • Lady as Melissa (Lady and Melissa are both magical)
  • Bill/Ben as Tom Jerry (Bill or Ben or both can be Tom Jerry)
  • Peter Sam as Blue (Peter Sam and Blue are both narrow)
  • Dennis as Greendale Rocket (I know Dennis is a diesel, and I know the Greendale Rocket is a steam train)
  • Edward as Johnny (Edward and Johnny are both good friends with Thomas and Casey Jr)
  • Stanley as Doc (Stanley and Doc are both nice to Thomas and Casey Jr)
  • Derek as Jacob (Derek and Jacob are both diesels)
  • Rusty as Huey (I know Rusty is a diesel, and I know Huey is a steam engine)
  • Spencer as Silver Fish (Spencer and Silver Fish are both silver)
  • Skarloey as Rasmus (Skarloey and Rasmus are both tank engines)
  • Rheneas as Jason (Rheneas and Jason are both friends with Skarloey and Rasmus)
  • Sir Handel as Sir Reginald (Sir Handel and Sir Reginald both have the word 'Sir')
  • And More