Thomas/Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers is a parody with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends clip and Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers audio.


  • Thomas as Chip
  • James as Dale
  • Emily as Gadget Hackwrench
  • Gordon as Monterey Jack
  • Percy as Zipper
  • Henry as Sergeant Spinelli
  • Gordon as Officer Kirby
  • Edward as Officer Muldoon
  • Mavis as Tammy
  • Rosie as Bink
  • Lady as Foxglove
  • Diesel as Fat Cat
  • Donald as Wart
  • Douglas as Mole
  • Arry as Mepps
  • Bert as Snout
  • Diesel 10 as Professor Norton Nimnul
  • Dart as Aldrin Klordane
  • Spencer as Rat Capone
  • Smudger as Sewernose de Bergerac
  • Bill and Ben as The Siamese Twin Gang

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