Version Really Big Movie

Henry as Clifford (Thomas can't be him because Henry and Clifford are both big)

Lady as Emily Elizabeth

Rusty as Charley

Mavis as Jetta

Thomas as ScareCrow from Wizard Of Oz

Rosie as Cleo

Percy as T-Bone

Fergus as Dad

Madge as Mom

Sir Topham Hat as Sheriff Louis

Lady Hat as Mrs Diller

Gordon as Mr. Bleakman

Donald and Douglas as the fisher men

Duke as the Police man

James as Larry Gabble-Gobble

Duck as Shackelford

Sir Handel as Mac

Oliver as Rodrigo

Emily as Dorothy

Duncan as Dirk

Edward as PT

Diesel as George Wolves-bottom

Caroline as Madison

Other Railway Diesels like Diesel 10 Splatter Dodge Arry Bert and D261 as George Wolvesbottom's collage gaurds

And a little more (DO NOT EDIT)