Thomas/Codename: Kids Next Door: Operation CARAMEL Parodies-Featuring James, Thomas, Rosie, Percy, Emily and Diesel

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  • Thomas as Numbuh 1
  • Duck as Numbuh 2
  • Rosie as Numbuh 3
  • Percy as Numbuh 4
  • Mavis as Numbuh 5
  • Spencer as Heinrich Von Marzipan
  • Molly as Henrietta Von Marzipan
  • Harold as Heinrich/Henrietta Von Marzipan's Candy Copter

Characters Nationalities

  • Thomas: British
  • Duck: American
  • Rosie: Japanese
  • Percy: Austrialian
  • Mavis: African-American
  • Spencer: German
  • Molly: German

Voice Cast

  • Ben Diskin - Thomas and Duck
  • Lauren Tom - Rosie
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Percy and Spencer
  • Cree Summer - Mavis
  • Candi Milo - Molly


  • Mavis: Hey Spencer, Hard to believe it's been five years since the last time we were here in Guatemala. Ah, just a couple of engines after the ultimate prize, and I see you're doing it again. Haven't yo learnt ya lesson?
  • Spencer: Zis time, it is different, zis time it's to get back vhat I lost. You see, I found out how.
  • Mavis: Really?
  • Spencer: Ja, und I could use your help. If you could chust hand me vone uf zose bags uf sugar, I'll finish ze circle, und all vill be as it vas.
  • Mavis: Of course, Diesel. Anything I can do to help.
  • Spencer: Hahahahahaha!, rr-aah!
  • Mavis: Aaaaah!
  • [Codename: Engines Next Door Opening]
  • Thomas: Lets move!
  • Duck: Uh, Are you sure is the smart to come here Thomas, The stress control told me to stay away from Sector U.
  • Thomas: Which is the sure thing to do somethings up, Honestly that all the times, that Mavis was on that some ridculous candy hunting safari.
  • Mavis: Waiwa!, Painful I think broke my big wheels point, Oh hello, Mavis was..., Need help then be going, going, going!
  • Thomas: Wow!, they won't let that happened in Sector U weren't they?
  • Percy: Yeah, What are dork?
  • Rosie: She's worser than Neville!
  • Mavis: Caramels for a nice lady, but I'm...
  • Rosie: Eww!, thats been on the floor!
  • Mavis: Please, What the taken under eating it now would be nice?, Oh no!
  • Duck: Help!, Get me down!
  • Percy: Can't, the're got me too!
  • Thomas: Same here!
  • Mavis: Oh, My caramels!, D'oh, Huh?
  • Spencer: Hehehe, Mafis Ze Qvarry Diesel.
  • Percy: That's Mavis!
  • Thomas: What have you done to her?
  • Spencer: I haff taken from her?, Vhat she'd valued most?, I haff been taken her coolness., Und it tastes delicious, und vhat made to ze Guatemalan Schteamies Next Door escapes ze simular fate, Look vhat she'd brought me instead.
  • Thomas: What she'd brought you is our buffer kicking, Steamies Next Door, Battle stations!, Thomas!
  • Duck: Duck!
  • Rosie: Rosie!
  • Percy: Percy!
  • Mavis: Mavis!, Oh! Ah!
  • Spencer: Not so cordinated anymore, are ve mein kinderlein?, Was ist du?
  • Thomas: Never underestimates my team!
  • Spencer: You take pridely in your leadership skills, Thomas Ze Tank Schteamie, I vonder how it vould taste like?
  • Thomas: What are you?, Ahh!, Ahh!, What happened?
  • Spencer: Your leadership skill kvite so delicatesy, hold yet, fery smooth., Und your intelligence, Herr Duck, sharp, But satifily complex.
  • Duck: Peanut butter bowling balls.
  • Spencer: Und Fraulein Rosie, I never zought you might say zis, But your cheerfulness is almost too sveet.
  • Rosie: [Sacasticly] Whatever.
  • Spencer: Und Herr Percy, Your ferosity is ze bit ein fiststic, but fery strong.
  • Thomas: But, What are you doing to us?
  • Spencer: Ze same zing I did to dear Mafis, Herr Thomas, You see, from ze fifth night, on ze fifth month uf every fifth year, Zere is ze pyramid, Zat to link ze pover to create most delicilous sveets ever excisted, Ze golden caramels uf kanda krunchalan!, It is ein fery tricky ritial it has live at all, vith quanity vith sugar I need to full ze reaction and of course, you can't get somezing from nozing, Ze caramels forms to ze peoples most prized qualites you see und to make zem, somehow haff to do ze uf zemselves are ze proudest uf, So as I zought, Vhy not all uf you!, Everyone has to eat enough candy in all at Frankfurt, Enough if I link zem together here ze giangatic circle, If vould allow me to comministation to half ze conntinent, As ve ze speak, it vas racing ze next treehouse in ze chill, Soon even more caramels vill be mein to ze taken! Hahahahahaha!
  • Thomas: But, How come you won't affected?
  • Spencer: Because, I'm already lost in ze prized most, ein long time ago. Auf wiedersehen, Schteamies Next Door!, Parting is such sveet sorrow. Hahahahaha!
  • Thomas: But, What can we do?
  • Rosie: Who cares?
  • Spencer: Look at you, So helpless und pazetic!, Hehehe!, Ahhhh!, Ach, too much mittel spicy, huh, perhaps ve safe zose for later, Ach mein caramels!, huh?, Zose are belonging to me! Get back here!
  • Thomas: This is it? Are we here?
  • Percy: He'll don't move.
  • Spencer: Out uf mein vay!
  • Percy: You big meanie!
  • Rosie: Life is misery!
  • Spencer: Give me mein caramels, Fraulein!, Ja, Hahaha!, Ze vould ein last uf your caramels Mafis!, I haff eating all ze ozers, and zis vill gone, you vould be ein helpless nerdie freak schteamie, forever!
  • Mavis: But, but...
  • Spencer: But nozing, but you'll yourself to blame, you left alone vith mein caramels five years ago, if you only stop me from eating zem all, I vill not be like zis.
  • Mavis: But Spencer, You did eat them all.
  • Spencer: Huh, Is, is zat?
  • Mavis: I know, I would, if would take you back then, you won't swallow it in the second, so I kept it all these years I thought by now you have to learn to share the candy.
  • Spencer: You zought wrong!, But all ze times, you couldn't haff help me, I'm only find ze vay to break ze curse!
  • Mavis: But, I'll telling ya, How to break the curse?, If you willingly give your caramel away, At least there is the part of you was trapped inside, So just give it back to me and then you'll be you oldself again.
  • Spencer: Hiyahh!, You'll only vanted to keep it to yourself, It's mein caramel!, mein sveet, chuicy und delicious.
  • Mavis: Spencer, Just share with me, I promise, It'll be all be ok.
  • Spencer: Vhy should I believe you?!
  • Mavis: Because, you're more important to me than candy.
  • Spencer: I, I vas so beautiful. [Spencer was crying]
  • Mavis: And you will be again, I swear it, now, now come on.
  • Male Mexican Steamie: Ey, I am not ugly anymore!
  • Female Mexican Steamie: We are back!
  • Thomas: Did you send words to the other sheds?
  • Percy: Yeah, Sharing the cruddy candy will turn back to normal.
  • Duck: Hey, Mavis, who's your friend? Ooh, what a fox!
  • [Duck is referring to a female yellow tender engine who bears an uncanny resemblance to Spencer]
  • Mavis: This is Molly Von Yellow Tender Engine. She's an old friend of mine.
  • Molly: I must now go to help undo ze wrongs I haff done. Zanks for not giving up on me, Mafis. Until ve meet again! Auf Wiedersehen!
  • Mavis: Be good, Molly!
  • [Realization finally hits Thomas, Duck and Rosie and they gag in disgust]
  • Percy: So now we're gonna find where Spencer is, Huh?
  • Thomas: Uh, Percy?
  • Percy: He'll What?!
  • End Transmission.

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