Thomas/Codename: Kids Next Door: Operation LICORICE Parodies-Featuring Emily, Diesel and Salty

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  • Mavis as Numbuh 5 (Mavis and Numbuh 5 are both Tomboys)
  • Spencer as Heinrich Von Marzipan (Spencer and Heinrich Von Marzipan are both Stubborn and Snobbish)
  • Salty as Stickybeard (Salty and Stickybeard are both Speaks With West Country Accents)
  • Evil Sea Rogue (from Salty's Lighthouse) as Black John Licorice

Voice Cast

  • Cree Summer - Mavis
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Spencer
  • Mark Hamill - Salty
  • Marc Graue - Evil Sea Rogue


  • [Evil Sea Rogue Laughs Evily]
  • Spencer: Ahhh!, Huh, huh, huh, Vhat ein horrible nightmare.
  • Evil Sea Rogue: Would ye forgot to study trophy test?
  • Spencer: No silly, It vas much scarier zen..., Ahhhh!
  • [Codename: Engines Next Door Opening]
  • Salty: Who's next?, Can no one out sugared old Salty?
  • Mavis: I can.
  • Salty: Ye haven't laughed to show ya face at the candy bar, Lassie?
  • Mavis: I didn't came here for sweet talk, I'm came for information, It's Spencer, He's missing?
  • Salty: Blasted fool, He'd tried have trouble with marshmellows Mayans again.
  • Mavis: Nope, It has something to do with licorice, black licorice!, and you gonna tell me anything about it and you gonna help find Spencer!, That is, unless you are sugar free!
  • Salty: There ye have it Lassie, Now beat it!
  • Mavis: There's just one thing. If Spencer took the seed, what'd he do with it?
  • Spencer: I ate It!
  • Evil Sea Rogue: What do ye mean, ye ate it?
  • Spencer: Ze food uf ze Engines Next Door Prison it vas awful, So yesterday, I took ze seed out uf mein pocket und I ate it!
  • Mavis: Oh Hey, Spencer.
  • Spencer: Mavis, I, I never got ein chance to zank you for saving me.
  • Mavis: Aw, that's cool. Maybe this makes us even for Guatemala?
  • Spencer: Not even close! Not even if you saved mein life two zousand times, I!
  • Mavis: Chill out, man. Mavis was just kidding. Besides, you can thank me once we get back.
  • Spencer: Uh, back vhere?
  • [Later at the Arctic shed, Mavis closes the door to Spencer's shed]
  • Spencer: Fery funny, Mafis Ze Qvarry Diesel! I'll get out, und I'll finally haff mein revenge on you, Mafis!

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