• Duck as Numbuh 2
  • Mavis as Numbuh 5
  • James as Heinrich Von Marzipan
  • Jack as Sidney
  • Isobella as Jessica
  • Troublesome Trucks as Candy Bandits

Voice Cast

  • Ben Diskin - Duck
  • Cree Summer - Mavis
  • Dee Bradley Baker - James
  • Rob Paulsen - Jack
  • Amber Hood - Isobella


  • Mavis: Duck, if we don't get that barge back, those tugboats won't survive until their parents pack them up. Now, are you ready?
  • Duck: Pfft. Ready for lunch. Joking, I'm joking! Sheesh. So how far does the jungle gym go?
  • Mavis: Nobody knows, Nobody knows, Nobody knows.
  • Duck: Did you hear that?
  • Mavis: Um hm, wherever they up to, It's already started.
  • Mavis: Dipping barges into the chocolate volcano, James' gone cocoa crazy! We're gonna need a plan?
  • Duck: I got a plan.
  • Mavis: Good idea. You go down distract James, and I'll grab the barge.
  • Duck: Distract? Huh, I'm going in for some of that chocolate.
  • James: Ach du licorice!, Turn zat vheel in ze ozer vay!
  • Mavis: Uh oh!
  • James: Mafis Ze Qvarry Diesel!, I might hafe known!

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