• Duck as Numbuh 2 (Duck and Numbuh 2 are both Western)
  • Mavis as Numbuh 5 (Mavis and Numbuh 5 are both Tomboys)
  • Diesel as Heinrich Von Marzipan (Diesel and Heinrich Von Marzipan are both Stubborn and Horrid)
  • Ten Cents (from TUGS) as Sidney (Ten Cents and Sidney are both Leaders)
  • Lillie Lightship (from TUGS) as Jessica (Lillie Lightship and Jessica are both Wearing Pink)
  • Sally Seaplane (from TUGS) as Female First Grader
  • Sunshine (from TUGS) as Mr. Fluffleupagus (Sunshine and Mr. Fluffleupagus are both Have got Buck-Teeth)
  • Pearl (from TUGS) as Hopsy-Mopsy
  • Troublesome Trucks as Candy Bandits


  • It was the first and only time Diesel was pretended to be kind and polite to Lillie Lightship.
  • It shows that Mavis cared for Diesel, Even though he was a villain.
  • Mavis bumps into Duck, it was just like Skipper slaps Gilligan with his hat in Gilligan's Island.
  • This will be the parody of Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.

Characters Accents

  • Duck: American
  • Mavis: African-American
  • Diesel: German
  • Ten Cents: Indian
  • Lillie Lightship: American
  • Sally Seaplane: American

Characters Names

  • Numbuh 2 (Aka Duck P. Gilligan Jr.)
  • Numbuh 5 (Aka Mavis Lincoln)
  • Diesel Von Marzipan
  • Ten Cents
  • Lillie Lightship
  • Mr. Sunshine Star Fleet Tugboat

Voice Cast


  • Duck: Faster Mavis!, Faster!
  • Mavis: Would you stop it!
  • Duck: No time, Gonna keep moving!
  • Mavis: Would you relax, We're not gonna miss lunch, If we walk.
  • Duck: But it's chocolate pudding day!, Quick cut through Bigg City Port, Come on! The cafeteria is just the other side of, Woah!
  • Mavis: Now What?, I thought you were such of hurry.
  • Duck: Man, Those Bigg City Port buildings are murder.
  • Mavis: That's not it, Something's wrong here?
  • Sally Seaplane: Please, help us, please!
  • Duck: Maybe we shouldn't gone the long way.
  • Ten Cents: You have come at last, Enter my friends, please enter? Come, come, we know you have come to save the Star fleet, So there's the writing only this morning in arts and crafts.
  • Mavis: Right, Ah, What happened here?
  • Ten Cents: He came this morning and took that is most precious to us, Our fleet's beloved star fleet switcher Sunshine, But he'd escaped deep into the warehouse on the other side of the harbour, Our water fountains dried up, Our fireworks broke and our fuel turned sour, You see, When they stole Sunshine, They stole the heart of the Star Fleet, but now that you have come, We are sure that you have bring Sunshine back and the great time of Regatta shall begin.
  • Duck: Hey, We're the Steamies Next Door, Of course we'll help you to get your tugboat friend back, Right after we'll get some lunch.
  • Mavis: We'll help now!, But first you gonna tell us who did this?
  • Ten Cents: He did not gives his name, He only laughed and he said 'That this would serve as payment!'
  • Lillie Lightship: Mr. Diesel, Mr. Diesel Von Devious Diesel sir, the temple is just ahead, just like I said sir, So now would take Pearl away, Right?
  • Diesel (Talking Politely to Lillie Lightship): I vould never do zat mein Lillie Lightship. (Shouting to The Troublesome Trucks) Onvard!, Schnell!, Schnell!
  • Duck: Look all I saying is before anyone goes chasing down some bad guy at the warehouse to get some lunch, This is very at least they have some french fries to keep they're energy off.
  • Mavis: Duck, if we don't get that little star fleet switcher back, those Star fleet tugboats won't survive until Captain Star gives them an contract. Now, are you ready?
  • Duck: Pfft. Ready for lunch.
  • [Mavis glares at Duck]
  • Duck: Joking, I'm Joking!, Sheesh!
  • Duck: So, How far does this warehouse go?
  • Mavis: [Echoing] Nobody knows, Nobody knows, Nobody knows.
  • Duck: Did you hear that?
  • Mavis: Hmhm, Whatever they're up to? It's already started.
  • Lillie Lightship: Nooooo!, You said 'you wouldn't take Pearl'!
  • Diesel: Ach, Liebchen, I say so many zings I do not mean. Like 'Oh no more gum drops for me' or [singsong voice] 'Who vould like some uf mein lollipops?', Starting ze test!
  • Lillie Lightship: No!, No!
  • Diesel: Behold Lillie Lightship, As all your oyster barge is made sveet, By ze vorld's most fantastisch chocolate!
  • Lillie Lightship: No!, No!, Oh No!
  • Diesel: Ja, Ja hahahaha!
  • Lillie Lightship: Ah!, [Lillie Lightship crying]
  • Diesel: Ach, So delicious hahaha!, But imagine, vhat vould taste like, If ve vill make ein chocolate tugboat vith ein real tugboat!, Hahahahahahaha!
  • Emily: Dipping barges into the chocolate volcano?, Diesel's gone cocoa crazy!, We're gonna need a plan?
  • Duck: I got a plan.
  • Mavis: Good idea, You go down and distract Diesel and and I'll grab the barge.
  • Duck: Distract? Huh, I'm going in for some of that chocolate.
  • Diesel: Hahahaha!, I'm so sorry, Herr Sunscheine, but I'm afraid it is time for me to taste, for ein 100% natural chocolate tugboat Ja?, Enjoy your Dip. Hahahahahoohhoohaha!, I'm craken meinself up. Hahahahehehe!, hah? Intruder!, Get ze imbecile!
  • Duck: Ha ha!, You have to do better than that!, Ah That's better.
  • Diesel: Hahahahahaha!
  • Duck: Ah, Hah?
  • Diesel: Ach du licorice!, Turn ze vheel in ze ozer vay! Hah?
  • Mavis: Uh-Oh!
  • Diesel: Mafis Ze Qvarry Diesel, I might haff known!
  • Troublesome Truck 1: Hey that's mine!
  • Diesel: Hehehahaha!
  • Duck: Don't worry tugboat, The Steamies Next Door will take care of, ahh!
  • Mavis: Mavis' gonna need some help here?
  • Lillie Lightship: I'll help the whole things my fault anyway.
  • Mavis: Listen Lightship, we'll gonna get out of here!, Ok you can help.
  • Diesel: Imbeciles, You are all fired!
  • Duck: Ok, I'm not hungry anymore!
  • Diesel: Now vhere did she?
  • Mavis: Waah!
  • [Mavis and Diesel fighting and pushing against each other]
  • Duck: When Mavis gets here, everythings are going to be ok!
  • Diesel: Hahahaha!, You know, All uf mein life it has been mein dream to make ze chocolate tugboats out uf ze real tugboats, But never vonce do I zink to make ze chocolate Schteamies Next Door operatives, Hahahaha!, I vonder how you vill taste?, Auf Wiedersehen, Schteamies Next Door Ow!
  • Mavis: No!, Diesel!, Oh Diesel.
  • Lillie Lightship: Serves you right for what you did to Pearl!, Hurry guys were gonna get out of here!, Well we glad didn't know was you.
  • Mavis: You did fine Lightship, [Lillie Lightship smiles], Just fine. Hahaha!
  • Ten Cents: Hahaha., Wow I knew that Sunshine have to come back to wonderful flown day.
  • Lillie Lightship: I'm sorry Ten Cents, I shouldn't helped Diesel in the first place. [Lillie Lightship Laughs Happily]
  • Duck: Woah!
  • Ten Cents: Now do you see the power of Sunshine.
  • Duck: Yeah, I get it, But man, I so hungry is not even bunny. Hahahahahaha!
  • Mavis: Nuh-uh, You'll just not to say that, That was the lamest line when Mavia' gonna hit ya on ya head.
  • End Transmission
  • Diesel: Hahahahahahaha!

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