• Thomas as Crash Bandicoot (Thomas and Crash Bandicoot are both the main males, main stars and main heroes)
  • Emily as Coco Bandicoot (Emily and Coco Bandicoot are both the main females and the main heroes as well as Thomas and Crash Bandicoot)
  • Percy as Polar (Percy and Polar are both small, cute, have five words in one name, and they both have the letter 'P' at the beginning of their names)
  • Oliver as Pura (Oliver and Pura are both western)
  • Edward as Crunch Bandicoot (Thomas and Edward are good friends, just like Crash and Crunch Bandicoot)
  • Duck as Aku Aku (Duck and Aku Aku are both western and good friends with Thomas and Crash Bandicoot)
  • Devious Diesel as Dr. Neo Cortex (Devious Diesel and Dr. Neo Cortex are both Thomas and Crash Bandicoot's main villains)
  • Daisy as Nina Cortex (Daisy and Nina Cortex are both Devious Diesel and Nina Cortex's Niece)
  • Diesel 10 as Uka Uka (Diesel 10 and Uka Uka are both big, strong, evil, powerful, and in charge of Devious Diesel and Dr. Neo Cortex)
  • Bill as Dr. N Gin
  • Gordon as Tiny Tiger (Gordon and Tiny Tiger are both big, strong, powerful and proud, and yes I know Gordon is good and Tiny Tiger is bad, but Tiny Tiger was a hero in Crash Bash in my opinion)
  • James as Dingodile (James and Dingodile are both vain, and yes, I know James is good, and I know Dingodile is bad, but Dingodile was a hero in Crash Bash in my opinion)
  • Henry as Papu Papu (Henry and Papu Papu are both big, strong, powerful, and clumsy, and yes I know Henry is good and Papu Papu is bad)
  • Spencer as Dr. Nefarious Tropy (Spencer is a real villain in Hero of the Rails)