• Percy as Dr Cleanpick
  • Rosie as Chatty Cathy
  • Duck as "Stinky" John
  • Stepney as Sam Spit
  • Arthur as Sleepy Eyes McGee
  • Edward as Checkers Laure
  • Spencer as Billy Crimp
  • Henry as Mickey O'Grady
  • Flora as Mildred Postly
  • Duke as Irv Goldberg
  • Oliver as Rupert Brindle
  • Rusty as Sergio Corleone
  • Thomas as Montgomery Cleft
  • Harvey as B.B. McGraw
  • Lady as Lollipop Greene
  • Hiro as Sir Percival St. John
  • Rheneas as Buttons Ha-Ha
  • BoCo as Pecs Armstrong
  • Emily as Ivana Flipover
  • Duncan as Gilberto Whiplash
  • Fergus as Stu Rumplitz
  • Trevor as Jimmy Hudsucker
  • Salty as Jean Pierre Le Saux
  • Belle as Hosenfeffer Floog
  • Bertie as Noseless Calhoun
  • Murdoch as "Three Eyes" Oppenheimer
  • Hector as Hairy "The Hairy" Huang
  • Toad as "Big Noggin" Simms

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