Thomas/Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a parody with sounds from the 2011 & 2010 films & Thomas & Friends clips.


Version 1 (DO NOT EDIT!)

  • Thomas as Greg
  • Percy as Rowley
  • James as Rodrick
  • Bill/Ben as Manny
  • Mavis as Mrs. Heffley
  • Gordon as Mr. Heffley
  • Peter Sam as Lil' Cutie (Not Duncan! Cause he's rude!)
  • Molly as Heather Hills
  • Emily as Holly Hills
  • Duck as Chirag (Spencer can't be Chirag!)
  • Toby as Grandpa Heffley
  • Daisy as Patty Farrell
  • Whiff as Fregley
  • Henry as Mr. Jefferson
  • Edward as Mr. Winsky
  • Skarloey as Princapal Roy
  • James as Mr. Gupta
  • Lady as Angie
  • Derek as The Cranium shaker guy
  • Bertie as Sweatie
  • Sir Handel as Jeff Kinney
  • Caroline as Mrs. Jefferson

Version 2 (UbiSoftFan94)

  • Percy as Greg (Both Smart and Nice)
  • Henry as Rowley (Both Good Friends To Percy and Greg)
  • Oliver as Rodrick (Diesel Can't Be Rodrick Diesel is Bad Rodrick is Good)
  • Billyas Manny
  • Thomas as Mr. Heffley (Both Father Figures To Percy and Greg)
  • Emily as Mrs. Heffley (NOT DAISY cause she's stubborn and Susan is nice)
  • Mavis as Heather Hills (Both suit voices)
  • Rosie as Holly Hills
  • Daisy as Patty Farrell (Mean to Thomas or Percy and Greg and Rowley)
  • Old slow coach as Angie
  • Molly as Mrs. Jefferson (Both Have Same Letter M)
  • Sir Handel as Chirag
  • Gordon as The Coach
  • Edward as The Principle
  • Derek as Mr. Jefferson

Version 3

  • Mavis as Mrs. Heffley (Mrs. Heffley Can Be Mavis because Mavis is young like Susan)
  • Edward as Mr. Heffley (Edward and Frank are young too.)
  • Daisy as Holly Hills (Daisy cant be Holly)
  • Emily as Heather Hills
  • James as Robert Jefferson
  • Percy as Rowely
  • Duck as Greg
  • Bill/Ben as Manny
  • Spencer or Diesel as Rodrick (Diesel and Rodrick are Enimies)
  • Duncan as Bill Walter

Version 4

  • Thomas as Greg
  • Percy as Rowely
  • Mavis as Susan Heffley
  • Edward as Frank Heffley
  • Emily as Holly Hills
  • Billy as Manny
  • Elisabeth as Patty Farrel

Version 5

  • Daisy as Heather Hills(Daisy and Heather Hills both have bad attitudes.) also Mavis cant be Heather Hills because Heather haves a mighty big attitude too.)
  • Emily as Holy Hills (Emily and Holly Hills are both kind.)

Thomas as Greg Heffley

  • Percy as Rowley
  • Rosie as Angie
  • James as Frank Heffley
  • Mavis as Susan Heffley(Mavis can be Susan Heffley because their Both young again.)
  • Bill/Ben as Manny(Both Little and cute.)
  • Old slow coach as Mrs. Jefferson
  • Edward as Mr. Jefferson
  • Thomas as Chirag Gupta(Thomas looks like Chirag Gupta cause their both indian i think so. Do you think so too?)
  • Toby as Grandpa Heffley

Version 6-8 Dog Days Vesion

  • Bill/Ben as Rowley ( both sons to Mavis and Linda Jefferson)
  • Daisy as Holly Hills
  • Mavis as Linda Jefferson
  • Thomas as Chriag
  • Duck as Greg (Both friends to Daisy and Holly Hills in Rodrick Rules. Yes Really!)
  • Edward as Robert Jefferson (Both husbands to Mavis and Linda Jefferson)
  • Henry as Mr. Heffley
  • Caroline as Heather Hills

Version 7-10

  • Edward as Greg
  • Percy as Manny
  • Henry as Rowley
  • Mavis as Holly(kind)
  • Daisy as Patty(Both rude to Edward and Greg most usually)

Version 11

  • Thomas as Greg
  • Duck as Rowley
  • Emily as Susan Heffley
  • Emily as Holly Hills
  • Mavis as  Heather Hills(both friends to Oliver and Rodrick in season 3 and 3rd film)
  • Oliver as Rodrick

Version 12

  • Rosie as Holly Hills ( Both Pretty an wear makeup)
  • Sir handel as Chirag
  • Daisy as Patty Farrell(Not Mavis! Mavis Is good and Patty Is rude and strong than Thomas and Greg)

Version 13

  • James as Greg
  • Daisy the diesel rail car as Holly
  • Bill/Ben as Manny
  • Version 14
  • Thomas as Greg
  • Percy as Rowley
  • James as Rodrick
  • Billy as Manny
  • Peter Sam as Lil Cutie
  • Henry as Frank Heffley
  • Molly as Susan
  • Whiff as Freggly
  • Duck as Chirag
  • Emily as Holly Hills
  • Caroline as Heather Hills
  • Daisy as Patty Fearell
  • Mavis as Mrs Jefferson
  • Gordon as Mr. Jefferson
  • Derek as The Craium Shaker Guy
  • and many more
  • Version 15
  • Thomas as Greg
  • Percy as Rowley
  • Stephny as Rodrick
  • Toby as Manny
  • Skarloey as Lil Cutie
  • Molly as Susan
  • Edward as Frank
  • Henry as Freggly
  • James as Chirag
  • Emily as Holly
  • Caroline as Heather
  • Daisy as Patty
  • and more
  • Version 16
  • Thomas Greg
  • Percy as Rowley
  • Edward as Rodrick
  • Rheneas as Lil Cutie
  • Lady Hatt as Susan
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Frank
  • Bill/Ben as Manny
  • James as Freggly
  • Toby as Chirag
  • Rosie as Holly
  • Daisy as Patty
  • Version 17
  • Thomas as Greg
  • Percy as Rowley
  • Gordon as Rodrick
  • Henry, James and Edward as Loded Diper members
  • Diesel as Pete Hosey
  • Spencer as Carter
  • Diesel 10 as Wade
  • George as Mr Warren
  • Troublesome trucks as Mr Warren's troops
  • Emily as Holly Hills
  • Molly as Angie Steadman
  • Diasy as Heather Hills
  • Elizabeth as Patty Farrell
  • Murdoch as Mr Heffley
  • Madge as Mrs Heffley
  • and more

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