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Thomas/Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days is a parody with Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days sounds and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends clips.


  • Bertie as Greg Heffley
  • Percy as Rowley Jefferson
  • Gordon as Mr. Jefferson
  • Henry as Frank Heffley
  • Emily as Susan Heffley
  • Connor as Holly Hills [ i know connor is male ] connor and holly hills are both teenagers
  • Bill/Ben as Manny Heffley
  • Mavis as Mrs.Jefferson
  • Daisy as Patty Farrell
  • Spencer as Rodrick Heffley
  • Duck as Chirag Gupta ( Duck and Chirag are both Indian male)
  • Molly as Heather Hills ( Molly and Heather are both good but heather could be a little bossy)
  • Thomas as Greg Heffley
  • Percy as Rowley Jefferson
  • James as Rodrick Heffley
  • Molly as Susan Heffley
  • Henry as Frank Heffley
  • Gordon as Mr. Jefferson
  • Mavis as Mrs Jefferson
  • Billy as Manny Heffley
  • Emily as Holly Hills
  • Bertie as Sweetie
  • Duck as Chirag Gupta
  • Daisy as Patty Farrell
  • Caroline as Heather Hills
  • Boco as Mr. Gerabit
  • Duke as Grandpa
  • Derek as The Craium Shaker Guy

and many more

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