• Thomas as Tai
  • Oliver as Matt
  • Edward as Joe
  • Percy as Izzy
  • Rosie as Kari
  • Emily as Sora
  • Mavis as Mimi
  • Henry as Henry
  • James as Davis
  • Duck as Cody
  • Billy as T.K.
  • Molly as Yolei
  • Gordon as Ken
  • Toby as Willis
  • Stanley as Takuya
  • Stepney as Tommy
  • Donald as Koichi
  • Douglas as Koji
  • Boco as J.P.
  • Lady as Zoe
  • Diesel as Digimon Emperor
  • Diesel 10 as Yukio
  • D261 as Akihiro
  • Skarloey as Veemon
  • Patrick as Agumon
  • Madge as Gatomon
  • Elizabeth as Palmon
  • Rheneas as Wormon
  • Peter Sam as Hawkmon
  • Duncan as Tentomon
  • Rusty as Patamon
  • Sir Handel as Gomamon
  • Bulgy as BlackGreymon/MetalGreymon (Virus)
  • George as DemiDevimon
  • Max as MetalSeadramon
  • Monty as Puppetmon
  • Troublesome Trucks as Gazimon

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