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Thomas/DinoSquad are parodies with Thomas & Friends clips and DinoSquad sounds.


Version 1 (made by mmcm312)
Thomas as Rolf "Max" Maxwell/Tyrannosaurus
Duck as Irwin Caruso/Stegosaurus
Rosie as Fiona Flagstaff/Spinosaurus (Rosie and Fiona are both tomboys)
Gordon as Rodger Blair/Triceratops
Edward as Neil "Buzz" Buzmati/Pterodactyl
James as Rump (James and Rump are both vain)
Emily as Ms. Joanne Moynihan/Velociraptor (Emily and Ms. Moynihan are both Irish)
Daisy as Terri Flagstaff (Daisy and Terri are both mean sometimes)
Percy as Michael "Mikey" Blair
Diesel 10 as Victor Veloci/Velociraptor

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