Thomas/Discworld: Soul Music is a parody with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends footage and Disworld: Soul Music audio.



  • Diesel 10 as Death (Both scary)
  • Emily as Susan Sto Helit (Both Beautiful)
  • Thomas as Imp Y Celin/Buddy (Imp Y Celin/Buddy's voice suits Thomas)
  • Percy as Glod Glodsson (Thomas and Percy are best friends, just like Imp Y Celin and Glod Glodsson)
  • Gordon as Lias Bluestone/Cliff (Both big and strong)
  • Edward as Mort (Mort's voice suits Edward)
  • Molly as Ysabell (Ysabell's voice suits Molly)
  • Hector as Binky (Binky's voice suits Hector)
  • Rocky as Asphalt
  • Boco as CMOT Dibbler
  • Henry as The Librarian (Both big and clumsy)
  • James as Hibiscus Dunelm (Both vain)
  • Diesel as Mr. Clete (Both evil and mean)
  • Bulgy as Mr. Lemon (Both sidekicks for Diesel and Mr. Clete)
  • The Trucks as The Musicians Guild
  • Spencer as Chrysophase (Spencer is evil in HOTR)
  • Splatter as Quoth the Raven
  • Dodge as The Death of Rats

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