• Gordon as Snow White
  • Harold as The Blue Fairy
  • Trucks as Centears
  • Peter Sam as Magic Harp
  • Duncan as Sweet Sue
  • Rusty as Katrina
  • Terence as Cinderella
  • Edward as Alice
  • Sir Hantel as Wendy
  • Smudger as Tinkerbell (1953)
  • Bertie as Aurora
  • Neville as Anita
  • Fergus as Shanti
  • Skarloey as Penny
  • Stanley as Eilonwy
  • Trevor as Jessica Rabbit
  • Rheanes as Jenny
  • Percy as Ariel
  • Thomas as Belle
  • Henry as Jasmine
  • Hank as Sally
  • Toby as Pocahontas
  • Donald/Douglas as Esmeralda
  • Oliver as Megara
  • James as Mulan
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Jane Porter
  • Jack as Jessie
  • Toad as Little Tiny Dancer
  • Whiff as Spring Sprite
  • Stepney as Kida
  • Charlie as Boo
  • Billy as Lilo
  • Harvey as Nani
  • Alfie as Elastgirl
  • Dennis as Franny Robinson
  • Boco as Collete
  • Freddie as Giselle
  • Bill/Ben as Tinkerbell (2008)
  • Byron as Penny
  • Duck as Tiana
  • Duke as Rapunzel

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