Mickey Mouse Segment

  • Thomas as Mickey Mouse
  • Emily as Minnie Mouse
  • James as Donald Duck
  • Mavis as Daisy Duck
  • Henry as Goofy

The Lion King Segment (2007-Present)

  • Thomas as Simba
  • Emily as Nala
  • Toby as Rafiki
  • James as Timon
  • Henry as Pumbaa

101 Dalmatians Segment (1995-2008)

  • Daisy as Cruella De Vil
  • Arry and Bert as Jasper and Horace

The Little Mermaid Segment (1995-Present)

  • Emily as Ariel
  • Thomas as Prince Eric
  • Percy as Flounder
  • James as Sebastian
  • Arry and Bert as Flotsam and Jetsam
  • Daisy as Ursula

Frozen Segment (2015-Present)

  • Mavis as Queen Elsa
  • Emily as Princess Anna
  • Thomas as Kristoff
  • Percy as Olaf The Snowman

Lilo & Stitch Segment (2003-2015)

  • Emily as Lilo Pelekai
  • Thomas as Stitch (Aka Experiment 626)
  • Mavis as Nani Pelekai
  • Duck as David Kawena
  • Molly as Susan Hegarty
  • Edward as Agent Pleakley
  • Gordon as Dr. Jumba Jookiba
  • Lady Hatt as The Grand Councilwoman
  • Daisy as Mertle Edmonds

Peter Pan Segment (2003-Present)

  • Thomas as Peter Pan
  • Emily as Wendy Darling
  • Duck as John Darling
  • Percy as Michael Darling
  • Lady as Tinker Bell
  • Gordon as Mr. George Darling
  • Molly as Mrs. Mary Darling
  • James as Slightly
  • Henry as Cubby
  • Bill and Ben as The Twins
  • Oliver as Nibs
  • Billy as Tootles
  • Devious Diesel as Captain James Hook
  • Dennis as Mr. Smee

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