• Rasputin (From Anastasia) - Diesel/Arry/Bert/Diesel 10/Splatter/Dodge/D261/The Spiteful Breakvan/Max/Monty
  • The Evil Queen (From Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs) - Daisy/Elizabeth/Judge Judy/Edna/Rouge/Pinknose/Shelly/Diesella/Slobber/Mudge/Martha
  • Sykes (From Oliver & Company) - Arry/Bert/Diesel/Dodge/Splatter/Diesel 10/George/Max/Monty/Lorry 1/Lorry 2/Lorry 3/Scruffey/Bulstrode/Diesel 11/Diesel 12/Hector/Bulgy/Spencer/Smudger
  • Carface (From All Dogs Go To Heaven) - Duncan/Diesel/D261/Max/Monty/Diesel 10/Arry/Bert/Spencer/George/Scruffey/Diesel 1984/Hector/Alfred
  • Prince Froglip (From The Princess & The Goblin) - Bert/Arry/Diesel/Splatter/Dodge/Spencer/Diesel 10/George/Spamcan/Max/Monty/Diesel 11/Old Stuck Up/Hector/Diesel 12/Diesel 1973/Diesel 1984
  • Prince John (From Robin Hood) - Bulgy/Diesel/Spamcan/Lord Harry/Godred/Diesel 11/Arry/Bert/Hector/Splatter/Dodge/Sixteen/Diesel 10/Spencer/George/Duncan/Smudger/Bulstrode
  • Drake (From The Pebble & The Penguin) - Dodge/Splatter/Diesel/Arry/Bert/Diesel 10/Sixteen/Spencer/Lorry 1/Lorry 2/Lorry 3/The Foreign Engine/Diesel 11/George/Old Stuck Up/Smudger/Duncan/Hector/Scruffey/Diesel 1398/Diesel 1950/Diesel 1984
  • Gaston (From Beauty & The Beast) - Splatter/Dodge/Diesel/Arry/Bert/Diesel 10/George/Spencer/Hector/Diesel 1111/Diesel 1984/Alfred/Sixteen/Lord Harry/Godred/The Foreign Engine/Scruffey/Lorry 1/Lorry 2/Lorry 3
  • Ludmilla (From Bartok The Magnificent) - Elizabeth/Daisy/Judge Judy/Edna/Rouge/Pinknose/Shelly/Diesella/Slobber/Mudge/Martha
  • Maleficent (From Sleeping Beauty) - Judge Judy/Daisy/Elizabeth/Edna/Rouge/Pinknose/Shelly/Diesella/Slobber/Mudge/Martha

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