• Fergus as Doctor Snuggles
  • Toby as Dennis
  • Peter Sam as Knobby Mouse
  • Mavis as Miss Nettles
  • Diesel as Professor Emerald
  • S.C.Ruffey as Horner
  • Henrietta as Matilda Junkbottom
  • Terence as Rickety Rik
  • Trevor as the Talking Bat
  • Hiro as the Treacle Tree
  • Oliver as Coot Boot
  • Elizabeth as Granny Toots
  • Duncan as the Cosmic Cat
  • Porter as Woogie
  • Bulgy as Willy Fox
  • Smudger as Charlie Rat
  • Daisy as Winnie Vinegar Bottle
  • Salty as Uncle Bill
  • Neville as Doctor Panicky Pill
  • Donald and Douglas as Benjy and Freddy
  • Toad as Hugo
  • Duke as Quiffy
  • Madge as Quoffy

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