File:Jetlag Productions' Jungle Book - "The Wild Life in the Jungle"

Thomas/Doctor Who/Jungle Book - is parody box-set containing the Goodtimes Entertainment Version of The Jungle Book. one made in Thomas the Tank Engine Version with Thomas clips and one made in Doctor Who Version with Doctor Who clips. Both each contain audio sound from the Goodtimes Entertainment Version of The Jungle Book.

Cast - Thomas & Friends Version

  • Thomas as Mowgli
  • Henry as Bagheera
  • Gordon as Baloo
  • Percy as Baby Mowgli
  • Edward as Akela
  • James as Father Wolf
  • Emily as Mother Wolf
  • The Narrow-Gauge Engines as The Wolf-Cubs
  • The Other Engines as The Wolf-Pack
  • Diesel, Splatter, Dodge and Bulgy as The Bander-Log Monkeys
  • Toby, Molly and Mavis as 3 Members of The Human-Pack in The Man-Village
  • Spencer as Tabaqui
  • Duck as Kaa
  • Diesel 10 as Shere Khan

​Cast - Doctor Who Version

  • The Eighth Doctor as Mowgli
  • The Sixth Doctor as Bagheera
  • The Twelfth Doctor as Baloo
  • Baby Melody Pond as Baby Mowgli
  • The War Doctor as Akela
  • Clara Oswald as Mother Wolf
  • The Ninth Doctor as Father Wolf
  • The Doctors (1, 2, 3, 5 & 7) and The Time Lords as The Wolf-Pack
  • The Eleventh Doctor as Kaa
  • The Daleks as The Bander-Log Monkeys & The Army of Bulls
  • The Tenth Doctor as Tabaqui
  • The Fourth Doctor as Shere Khan