Thomas/Doctor Who: Series 10 is a parody series with Thomas the Tank Engine clips and audio sound from Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who.


  1. ​The Pilot
  2. Smile
  3. Thin Ice
  4. Knock Knock
  5. Oxygen
  6. Extremis
  7. The Pyramid at the End of Sodor (The Pyramid at the End of the World)
  8. The Lie of the Land
  9. The Empress of Sodor (The Empress of Mars)
  10. The Heaters of Sodor (The Eaters of Light)
  11. World Determination and Time (World Enough and Time)
  12. The Engine Falls (The Doctor Falls)


  • Flying Scotsman as The Doctor
  • Molly as Bill Potts
  • Duncan as Nardole
  • Daisy as Missy
  • Diesel 10 as the Master
  • Lady as Heather
  • George, Bulgy and The Horrid Lorries as The Emojibots and The Munks
  • The Diesels as The Daleks, The Ice Warriors and The Cybermen

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