Thomas/Doctor Who: Series 5 - is a parody series made with Thomas the Tank Engine clips and audio sound from Matt Smith's Doctor Who


  1. The Eleventh Hour
  2. The Diesel Below (The Beast Below)
  3. Victory of The Diesels (Victory of The Daleks)
  4. The Time of Diesels (The Time of Angels)
  5. Whistles and Horns (Flesh and Stone)
  6. The Diesels of Sodor (The Vampires of Venice)
  7. Emily's Choice (Amy's Choice)
  8. The Hungry Island (The Hungry Earth)
  9. Cold Water (Cold Blood)
  10. Murdoch and the Engine (Vincent and the Doctor)
  11. Arthur's Lodger (The Lodger)
  12. The Engine Shed Opens (The Pandorica Opens)
  13. The Big Bang


  • Oliver as The Doctor
  • Emily as Amy Pond
  • Stanley as Rory Williams
  • Molly as River Song/Liz Ten/Rosanna/Nasreen Chaudhry/Sophie/Mrs Pond (Amy's Mum)
  • Mavis as Liz Ten/Ambrose/Dr Ramsden/Mrs Angelo
  • Neville as Winston Churchill/Guido/Francesco/Tony Mack/Mr Pond (Amy's Dad)
  • Skarloey as Bracewell/Mo/Dr Black
  • Stepney as Timmy/Elliot
  • Arthur as Jeff/Danny Boy/Eldane/Craig Owens
  • Lady as Young Amy Pond/Mandy/Isabella/Alaya/Restac
  • Murdoch as Malohkeh/Vincent Van Gogh
  • Spencer as Prisoner Zero/Hawthorne
  • Devious Diesel as The Atraxi
  • Diesel 10 as The Dream Lord
  • Bulgy, Spencer And The Diesels as The Smilers/Winders/Daleks/Weeping Angels/Vampires/Eknodine/Silurians/Sontarans/Cybermen/Judoon/Autons