Thomas/Doctor Who: Series 7 - is another parody series made with Thomas the Tank Engine clips and audio sound from Matt Smith's Doctor Who


  1. Asylum of The Diesels (Asylum of The Daleks)
  2. Dinosaurs On Sodor (Dinosaurs On A Spaceship)
  3. An Island Called Misty (A Town Called Mercy)
  4. The Power of Speed (The Power of Three)
  5. The Diesels Take Sodor (The Angels Take Manhattan)
  6. The Bells of Saint Toby (The Bells of Saint John)
  7. The Claw of Diesel 10 (The Rings of Akhaten)
  8. Sodor War (Cold War)
  9. Pride (Hide)
  10. Journey To The Centre of Sodor (Journey To The Centre of The TARDIS)
  11. The Prison Horror (The Crimson Horror)
  12. Nightmare of Sodor (Nightmare In Silver)
  13. The Name of The Engine (The Name of The Doctor)


  • Oliver as The Doctor
  • Duke as The War Doctor ("The One Who Broke The Promise")
  • Emily as Amy Pond
  • Stanley as Rory Williams
  • Molly as River Song/Queen Nefertiti
  • Lady as Clara Oswin Oswald
  • Spencer as Dr Simeon/The Great Intelligence
  • Arthur as Brian Williams/Issac/Commander Strax
  • Neville as Riddell/Kahler-Jex
  • Diesel 10 as Soloman/The Gunslinger
  • Splatter And Dodge as Soloman's HenchRobots
  • Bulgy, Spencer And The Diesels as The Daleks/Weeping Angels/Cybermen/Whisper Men