Thomas/Doctor Who: The Doctor Trilogy is a series of parody specials with Thomas the Tank Engine clips and audio sound from three Doctor Who specials under the three titles; Name, Day and Time.

The Name of the Engine

Lady, Daisy and the Paternoster Engines discover a tricky mystery, involving a dark secret behind their favourite Time Engine, which takes them to the death planet - Trenzalore, both the mystery and the secret must then be taken to the grave where it will be discoverd. That grave then turns out to be the Engine's tomb, where he would be buried when he dies. But they've all been spyed on by a mysterious stranger - The Great Intelligence. Can they stop The Great Intelligence from finding out both the mystery and the secret or will this mark the final end for the Eleventh Engine.


  • Oliver as The Doctor
  • Lady as Clara Oswald
  • Daisy as River Song
  • Emily as Madame Vastra
  • Molly as Jenny
  • Duncan as Strax
  • Diesel 10 as The Great Intelligence
  • Other Diesels as the Whisper Men
  • Duke as The War Doctor

The Day of the Engine

Loads of things are happening between Sodor 1562, The Time War and present day in 2013. In the Time War; the evil road vehicles are destroying and exterminating and in both England 1562 and present day 2013; the Diesels are taking over. The day will soon be saved by thirteen incarnations of a certain beloved Time Engine we all adore; the Engine.


  • Oliver as The Eleventh Doctor
  • Douglas as The Tenth Doctor
  • Duke as The War Doctor
  • Lady as Clara Oswald
  • Molly as Rose Tyler (Bad Wolf/The Moment)/Osgood
  • Emily as Kate Stewart
  • Daisy as Queen Elizabeth
  • Sir Topham Hatt as The General
  • The Narrow Gauge Engines as The Time Lords
  • The Evil Road Vehicles as The Daleks
  • Spencer and the Evil Diesels as The Zygons
  • Flying Scotsman as The Twelfth Doctor (cameo)
  • Thomas as The First Doctor (2 cameos)
  • Edward as The Second Doctor (2 cameos)
  • Henry as The Third Doctor (2 cameos)
  • Gordon as The Fourth Doctor/Curator
  • James as The Fifth Doctor (2 cameos)
  • Percy as The Sixth Doctor (2 cameos)
  • Toby as The Seventh Doctor (2 cameos)
  • Duck as The Eighth Doctor (2 cameos)
  • Donald as The Ninth Doctor (2 cameos/War Doctor Regeneration)

The Time of the Engine

Every enemie he's ever faced come together for the final battle during Christmas time on the death planet - Trenzalore. Antother regeneration would then comense as we say goodbye to the Eleventh Engine and hello to the Twelfth Engine.


  • Oliver as The Eleventh Doctor
  • Lady as Clara Oswald
  • Bulgy, Devious Diesel and Paxton as The Daleks/Cybermen
  • Splatter, Dodge, Spencer and Diesel 10 as The Silence/Weeping Angels
  • Flying Scotsman as The Twelfth Doctor