Thomas/Doctor Who: The Regenerations - is a parody series box-set containing all the 13 Regenerations of Doctor Who from 1-13 in Thomas the Tank Engine Version done with Thomas the Tank Engine clips & Doctor Who auidio sound.


  • Thomas into Edward (First into Second)
  • Edward into Henry (Second into Third)
  • Henry into Gordon (Third into Fourth)
  • Gordon into James (Fourth into Fifth)
  • James into Percy (Fifth into Sixth)
  • Percy into Toby (Sixth into Seventh)
  • Toby into Duck (Seventh into Eighth)
  • Duck into Duke (Eighth into War)
  • Duke into Donald (War into Ninth)
  • Donald into Douglas  (Ninth into Tenth)
  • Douglas into Oliver (Tenth into Eleventh)
  • Oliver into Flying Scotsman (Eleventh into Twelfth)
  • Flying Scotsman into Emily (Twelfth into Thirteenth)


  1. The Tenth Island (The Tenth Planet)
  2. The Sodor Games (The War Games)
  3. Home of the Diesels (Planet of the Spiders)
  4. Sogopolis (Logopolis)
  5. The Caves of Sodor (The Caves of Androzani)
  6. Time and the Sani (Time and the Rani)
  7. Engine Who: The Diesel Within (Doctor Who: The Movie/Enemy Within)
  8. The Night of the Engine (The Night of the Doctor)
  9. The Starting of the Days (The Parting of the Ways)
  10. The End of Time (Christmas/New Year Special 2009/10)
  11. The Day of the Engine (The Day of the Doctor/50th Anniversary Special)
  12. The Time of the Engine (The Time of the Doctor/Christmas Special 2013)
  13. Twice Upon a Crime (Twice Upon a Time/Christmas Special 2017)


  • Thomas as The First Doctor
  • Edward as The Second Doctor
  • Henry as The Third Doctor
  • Gordon as The Fourth Doctor
  • James as The Fifth Doctor
  • Percy as The Sixth Doctor
  • Toby as The Seventh Doctor
  • Duck as The Eighth Doctor
  • Duke as The War Doctor
  • Donald as The Ninth Doctor
  • Douglas as The Tenth Doctor
  • Oliver as The Eleventh Doctor
  • Flying Scotsman as The Twelfth Doctor
  • Emily as The Thirteenth Doctor