Thomas/Dolphin Tale is a parody with Dolphin Tale sounds and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends clips.


Version 1

  • Percy as Sawyer Nelson
  • Daisy as Lorraine Nelson
  • Rosie as Hazel Haskett
  • Edward as Dr. Clay Haskett
  • Gordon as Dr. Cameron McCarthy
  • Thomas as Kyle Connellan
  • Mavis as Gloria Forrest
  • Emily as Winter

Version 2 (made by Catdog04272)

  • Thomas as Sawyer (Thomas and Sawyer are both the main characters)
  • Molly as Sawyer's Mom
  • Edward as Sawyer's Dad
  • Emily as Hazel (Emily and Hazel are both Thomas and Sawyer's girlfriends)
  • Toby as Dr. Haskett
  • Henry as Dr. McCarthy
  • Duck as Kyle (Sawyer's Cousin)
  • Caroline as Gloria Forrest
  • Elizabeth as Hazel's Aunt
  • Mavis as Winter

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