• Thomas as Dougal (Thomas and Dougal are both Heroic and Handsome)
  • Emily as Florence (Emily and Florence are both Beautiful and Friendly)
  • Henry as Dylan
  • Percy as Brian
  • Mavis as Ermintrude
  • Toby as Zebedee
  • Edward as Mr. Rusty
  • Duck as Mr. McHenry
  • Diesel as Buxton (Diesel and Buxton are both Evil and Horrid)
  • Daisy as Madame Blue (Madame Blue's Voice Suits Daisy)

Voice Cast French Version

  • Christian Rhiel - Thomas, Toby and Edward
  • Nadine Legrand - Emily
  • Jean Anneron - Percy
  • Pascale Priou - Mavis
  • Paul Bisciglia - Henry and Diesel
  • Christine Lefevre - Daisy

Voice Cast English Version

  • Eric Thompson - Thomas, Emily, Henry, Percy, Mavis, Toby, Edward, Duck and Diesel
  • Fenella Fielding - Daisy


  • Emily's Housework Song
  • I Am King
  • Emily's Prison Song
  • and More

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