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Version 1 (by GordonExpressEngine) (DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE!)

  • Thomas as Goku
  • Gordon as Piccolo
  • Derek as Tien
  • Peter Sam as Yamcha
  • Percy as Krillin
  • Edward as Korin
  • Harvey as Yajirobe
  • Toby as Master Roshi
  • Stepney as Gohan
  • Billy as Chiaotzu
  • Bill and Ben as Goten and Trunks
  • Diesel 10 as Frieza
  • Bulgy as Captain Ginyu
  • Arry and Bert as Jeice and Burter
  • Henry as Nail
  • Splatter and Dodge as Recoome and Guldo
  • Flying Scotsman as Shenron
  • Mallard as Porunga
  • 87546 (from RWS) as Nappa
  • James as Vegeta (James and Vegeta are both grumpy)
  • Diesel as Raditz
  • Rosie as Bulma
  • D199/Spamcan (from RWS) as Zarbon
  • Old Stuck-Up (from RWS) as Dodoria
  • Emily as Chi Chi
  • Max as Android 19
  • Monty as Android 20
  • Murdoch as Android 16
  • Vinnie as Android 17
  • Daisy as Android 18
  • Smudger as Cell
  • Mavis as Videl
  • Ferdinand as Mr. Satan
  • Lady as Erasa
  • George as Babidi
  • Dennis as Pui-Pui
  • Hector as Yakon
  • Cranky as Dabura
  • Sidney as Spopovitch
  • Norman as Yamu
  • Duck as Gogeta
  • Oliver as Gotenks
  • Neville as Sharpner
  • Isobella as Launch
  • Paxton as Fat Buu
  • Spencer as Super Buu
  • Bulstrode as Kid Buu
  • The Thin Controller as Kami
  • Hiro as Mr. Popo
  • The Fat Controller as King Yemma
  • Stephen as Guru
  • Jack as King Kai
  • Alfie as West Kai
  • Kelly as Grand Kai
  • Elizabeth as East Kai
  • Byron as South Kai
  • Duke as Old Kai
  • Donald as Supreme Kai
  • Douglas as Kibito

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