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  1. Thomas/Shrek
  2. Thomas/The Peacemaker
  3. Thomas/The Prince of Egypt
  4. Thomas/Antz
  5. Thomas/Chicken Run
  6. Thomas/Cast Away
  7. Thomas/Catch Me If You Can
  8. Thomas/Small Soldiers
  9. Thomas/Madagascar
  10. Thomas/Over the Hedge
  11. Thomas/Flushed Away
  12. Thomas/Bee Movie
  13. Thomas/Kung Fu Panda
  14. Thomas/How To Train Your Dragon
  15. Thomas/Monsters VS Aliens
  16. Thomas/Puss in Boots
  17. Thomas/Megamind
  18. Thomas/Spirit
  19. Thomas/The Ring
  20. Thomas/Amistad
  21. Thomas/Shark Tale
  22. Thomas/The Road to El Dorado
  23. Thomas/Rise of the Guardians (2012)
  24. Thomas/The Croods
  25. Thomas/Turbo (2013)
  26. Thomas/Veggietales
  27. Thomas/McGee and Me!
  28. Thomas/Theodore Tugboat
  29. Thomas/Rock A Doodle
  30. Thomas/Rocky and Bullwinkle
  31. Thomas/The Wind in the Willows
  32. Thomas/Noddy's Toyland Adventures

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